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The Walton Collection

Irish Times- 5th May (8-page edition) Page 4

Irish Times- 5th May (8-page edition) Page 4

Irish Times- 5th May (8-page edition) Page 4 - Editorial on "Mr Birrell's Resignation" (A long, remarkable, unsympathetic and damning critique of Mr Birrell's role in Ireland for which they say he was mentally unsuited for given the obvious warning signs of a Sinn Fein rebellion .

"We shall trade all Mr Birrell's brilliancy for a just and firm hand in Dublin Castle" ending the editorial with the line "After Mr Birrell we want a man") ...

"TCD UNDER ARMS - THE FIRST NIGHT OF THE INSURRECTION" (remarkable story of the defence of TCD by the "O.T.C" and Trinity Students who prevented Trinity College and The Bank of Ireland (opposite) from falling into the hands of the rebels. Contains several display and many personal column advertisements from businesses, in addition to updates on Tram and Railway Services, the Gas supply and Telephone facilities.

This revealing reproduction from the largest daily "Broadsheet" of the day is reproduced on 210 gsm Satin art paper ,set behind glass, and tastefully framed on mottled green pine suede backing in a fine aged Gold Leaf frame.

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