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1916 Easter Week - Copy of the original "Irish War News" pamphlet - The Irish Republic" Vol.1 No.1

1916 Easter Week - Copy of the original "Irish War News" pamphlet - The Irish Republic" Vol.1 No.1

A rare copy of the original and seminal "Irish War News" pamphlet "The Irish Republic Vol.1 No.1" .. published by a printer in Halston Street (under duress at gunpoint from Republican Joe Stanley) on the morning following the Rising and sold to the public within the British military cordon in Dublin.

Edited by P.H. Pearse," If the Germans conquered England…",  this seminal piece of history highlights the irony and hypocrisy of an article published in the New Statesman which describes how terrible it would be for England to be under German Rule, and Pearse draws the analogy with Ireland under English rule.

The small pamphlet also laments the historical prosecution and banishing of United Irishmen, the undermining of the Land League movement, and the general lack of tolerance and respect for Irish nationalist thinking and aspirations. Later, the pamphlet  derides the irony of "British Intrigues" at work to disparage the Belgian King, ostensibly to save the "hands and heads" of the natives of the Belgian Congo when "a trip to Scarborough, and a cruise to India, which would not stand up to the light of day, according to the accepted standards of morality".

War News was published during the Rising at 9.30am on Tuesday 25th of April 1916, less than 24 hours  after the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, with a somewhat optimistic view of military events as they really stood. As an adjunct to the Proclamation, no other Document better describes the thinking behind the Rebellion of 1916.

Printed on the exact same scale as the original ,on 210 gsm Satin Art Paper, this rermarkable and historic reproduction is tastefully framed behind glass on a 'Pine Green' suede  background in an aged Gallery Black wooden frame with a gold sight line. 

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