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Irish Times - 3rd May 1916 - Page2 (Inside Page)

Irish Times - 3rd May 1916 - Page2 (Inside Page)

Irish Times - 3rd May 1916 - Page 2 (Inside Page) - Further editorial strongly supporting the prompt actions of the Military and presents headlines addressing the problems of "THE CITY'S FOOD SUPPLY.

Among other things the editorial states " The country has no desire that punishment should be pushed to the point of mere revenge but, in the interests of national peace and safety, it demands that stern justice shall be inflicted on the authors of one of the most deliberate and far-reaching crimes in Irish history".

The editorial goes on to question " What is to happen when normal conditions are to be restored? Will this country become the receptacle of half the cheap and nasty shot guns of Belgium and the dangerous automatics of the United States?"

General Maxwells Public notice on Arms and Ammunition is also included in the bottom right hand corner of the page. 

This remarkable reproduction from the largest daily "Broadsheet" of the day is reproduced on 210 gsm Satin art paper ,set behind glass, and tastefully framed on mottled green pine suede backing in a fine aged Gold Leaf frame.

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