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The Walton Collection

Irish Independent 6th May 1916 (8-page edition) Page 4

Irish Independent 6th May 1916 (8-page edition) Page 4

Irish Independent 6th May 1916 (8-page edition) Page 4 - Headlines and copy includes:

"AFTER THE RISING".. Further editorial extremely critical of Mr Birrell and the Liberal government and welcoming the appointment of Mr Lewis Harcourt as the new Chief Secretary (a photograph of Mr Harcourt is included). The editorial focusses on the history of Larkinism and the trade union movement, including the lock out of 1914, which was allowed to forment unchecked..."The influence of Liberty Hall and of sympathisers of the type of Countess Markievicz was distinctly sinister, and it was shrewdly surmised that the "Citizen Army" were burning for a revolt and trying to precipitate it anytime since last December....

While being unsympathetic to the leaders the editorial goes on further to state that " As we have previously said, we believe that justice should be tempered with mercy in dealing with the general body of last week's rising. ...the prisoners who have been taken include many young decent fellows and hundred of lads, many of whom are almost children... that hundreds of the rebels were dupes of cleverer men ... to the credit of the insurgents it must be said that they took no part in looting the city, but on the contrary, made some efforts to prevent it "...

Further editorial on the problem the city and businesses face returning to normal and the shortage of food and fuel supplies....

"ROLL OF HONOUR - MANY IRISH OFICERS ON THE LISTS" Details a full column to names of Irish officers who recent died in the trenches and are missing on the war front....

"A NATIONAL LOSS -ROYAL HIBERNAN ACADEMY" cover the priceless loss of the RHA's collection which has been totally destroyed and the fact that the keeper of the collection Mr Kavanagh is missing having been on the premises when the insurrection started " it is stated that he stated he would remain there until he saw the last of the place."

"SISTERS SORROW -DOOMED LEADER'S WEDDING" refers briefly to the private announcement (shown above the piece) of the marriage of Joseph Plunkett to Grace Gifford shortly before he was executed." Miss Gifford, who has been married in such pathetic circumstances, was the sister of the wife of Thomas MacDonagh, the insurgent leader who was executed on Monday". 

This extraordinary reproduction captures all the detail of the original on 210 gsm Satin Art paper and is set on a mottled green suede background, behind glass, in an antique style Gold Leaf frame. 


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