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The Walton Collection

Evening Herald - 8-day edition published 4th May 1916.Page 1 (Front Page)

Evening Herald - 8-day edition published 4th May 1916.Page 1 (Front Page)

Evening Herald 4th May 1916 (8-day edition) Page 1 (Front page) - Headline reads

"MORE LEADERS SHOT - Messrs. Plunkett, Daly, Pearse (William) and O'Hanrahan.("All well here" written on top in crayon and "did you ever see an 8-day "evening" paper before?" written below the dates in ink)". Sub headline " THREE LEADERS SHOT - Death sentences carried out on Pearse (P.H.), Clarke and MacDonagh".

 A significant body of text covers "INCIDENTS OF THE RISING" including details of the chaos and the many military, rebel and civilian causalities caught in the crossfire across the city. Considerable detail in "UNDER FIRE" on the impact of the shelling around the Herald's offices on Abbey street.

Plus a remarkable description in "GOODBYE IRELAND - How the prisoners left Dublin - WEIRD QUAYSIDE SCENE" on the 500 prisoners being shipped out from North Wall under fixed bayonet guard.. " It was a mixed crowd, representing almost all classes of the community.........But the most surprising thing was their demeanour. The spirit of defiance and hatred which has kept them fighting against overwhelming odds for upwards of a week and bade them throw in their lot with Great Britain's deadly enemy was, notwithstanding their miserable condition, firmly stamped on their faces."
(99% of text fully legible but some text along the centre folds is not discernible) 

This beautiful reproduction captures all the detail of the original on 210 gsm Satin Art paper and is set on a mottled 'pine green' suede background behind glass in an antique style Gold Leaf frame. 

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