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County Cork - Cove Harbour (In Queenstown Harbour) c. 1840

County Cork - Cove Harbour (In Queenstown Harbour) c. 1840

Another remarkable panoramic view of Cove Harbour and town (c.1840) by William H. Bartlett from the opposite side of the harbour overlooking the immediate harbour and Spike and Hawlbowline Islands.

An Island harbour in Cork Harbour, Cobh was renamed Queenstown to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria in 1849. The detail, so typical of Bartletts work, shows many merchant sailing vessels, underlying the importance of the harbour commercially, and a number of early steam boats working through the bay. The steam ships spelt the end for canvas sailing ships within the next 50 years. There is so much to study in busy naval activity.This is coupled with an almost photographic detail of the houses and many people along the road down to the town (see the close-up detail inset below). Cobh's most famous visitor 'The Titanic' left Queenstown on the 1st April 1912 with 1,308 passengers and 898 crew members as she embarked on her final journey. . The strategic importance of Cobh as a deep water harbour to the British Navy and Empire, as well as trade with continental Europe, cannot be understated and Cobh Harbour was only handed over to Irish Government by the British on 11th July 1938 at a ceremony on Spike Island, just a over year before the outbreak of WW2. The Irish Government steadfastly refused the British Government  use of Irish ports like Cobh during the war much to Churchill's annoyance at a time when the use of such defendable and deep water ports would have been invaluable to the British war effort.

Please note the Pine Green mount board is not as quite dark as it appears in the frame image and the colour of the final print is closer to the detail sample from the picture inset below.

A beautifully framed reproduction set behind glass with a choice of a pale palm green or pine green suede inner surrounds with a choice of two fine antique style wooden frames; gold leaf or gold and mahogony finish. Prints are available in A3, A2 and A1 sizes with proportionately larger frames to suit all decor and wall space.

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