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County Cork - Gouganne Barra c.1840

County Cork - Gouganne Barra c.1840

The beautiful lake of Gouganne Barra (c.1840) by William H. Bartlett, where the Lee rises to the east of the small island is beyond doubt one of the most evocative scenes in Ireland.

Gougane Barra in Irish means “the rock of Barra derived from the 6th Century Saint "Fineen Barr" (Saint Finbarr, the patron saint of Cork) . According to Coyne and Willis "The lake which is situated in a deep mountain recess , is enclosed on every side except the east with steep and rocky hills, down whose precipitous sides several mountain streams pour their bright tributes into the placid waters beneath. The small island in this lake, traditionally known as the residence of St. Finbarr, is, indeed, an admirably chosen place for the enjoyment of undisturbed solitude, and the indulgence of devout meditation. It is a sacred place of pilgrimage."

In this stunning evocation which is true to the mysterious and charming Gouganne Barra, a sole Heron gazes into the water in the foreground from unsuspecting trout (which remain plentiful to this day) while,  groups of women or nuns along the shoreline appear to be making their way towards the sacred island (see close-up detail inset below) where in the court of the chapel "stands the shattered remains of a wooden cross, on which are nailed innumerable shreds and patches, the grateful memorials of cures performed on the devotees who have made pilgrimage to this holy retreat, and by whom the scared relic is held in extraordinary veneration".

Around the chapel court there are eight small circular cells where penitents would spend the night in pray er.. The current chapel, known as St Finbarr's oratory was built in the 19th Century near the old ruins and "Holy Well", which was commonly used for baptisms. There does not appear to be any sign of the original wooden cross.

Please note the Pine Green mount board is not as quite dark as it appears in the frame image and the colour of the final print is closer to the detail sample from the picture inset below.

A beautifully framed reproduction set behind glass with a choice of a pale palm green or pine green suede inner surrounds with a choice of two fine antique style wooden frames; gold leaf or gold and mahogony finish. Prints are available in A3, A2 and A1 sizes with proportionately larger frames to suit all decor and wall space.

To see which one you prefer simply select the frame type choice below and it will appear in the larger picture above.

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