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County Kerry - Killarney - Taking a Stag near Derrycunihy Cascade

County Kerry - Killarney - Taking a Stag near Derrycunihy Cascade

The Taking of a Stag near Derrycunihy Castle (c. 1840) by William H. Bartlett is a remarkable scene of this famous hunt as witnessed by Bartlett who says" "on finding himself closely pressed, he leapt boldly from a rock into the lake, and swam towards one of the islands; but terrified by the approach of the boats he returned , and once more sought safety on the main shoer;soon afterwards, in a desperate effort to leap across a chasm between two rocks , his strength failed him, and he fell exhausted to the bottom. it was most interesting to behold the numerous spectators who hastened to the sport, - ladies and gentlemen not, peasants, hunters, combined in various groups around the noble victim as he lay extended in the depth of the forest. The stag, as is usual on these occasions, was preserved from death."

Please note the Pine Green mount board is not as quite dark as it appears in the frame image and the colour of the final print is closer to the detail sample from the picture inset below. 

There are a two choices of frames for each size print (Antique Style Gold Leaf or Antique Style Gold and Mahogony finish), as well as a choice of inner mount colour (Palm Green or Pine Green). To see which one you prefer simply select the frame type choice and it will appear in the larger picture above.

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