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County Kerry - Killarney - Ross Castle Killarney c. 1840

County Kerry - Killarney - Ross Castle Killarney c. 1840

A remarkably picturesque sketch of Ross Castle (c. 1840 by William H. Bartlett.  "Caisleán an Rois" is a 15th-century tower house and keep on the edge of Lough Leane.

It was the ancestral home of the Chiefs of the Clan O'Donoghue, later associated with the Brownes of Killarney. Ross Castle was built in the late 15th century by local ruling clan the O'Donoghue's Mór (Ross), though ownership changed hands during the Second Desmond Rebellion of the 1580s to the MacCarthy Mór. He then leased the castle and the lands to Sir Valentine Browne, ancestor of the Earls of Kenmare. The castle was amongst the last to surrender to Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads during the Irish Confederate Wars, and was only taken when artillery was brought by boat via the River Laune. Lord Muskerry (MacCarthy) held the castle against Edmund Ludlow who marched to Ross with 4,000 foot-soldiers and 200 horse; however, it was by water that he attacked the stronghold. The Irish had a prophecy that Ross could never be taken until a warship could swim on the lake, an unbelievable prospect.

Barlett tells us that "the grey towers and ivied walls of the castle appeared as if emerging from the waters of the lake - and glittering as they were  at the moment I beheld them with the rich rays of the evening sun, nothing could be imagined so strikingly beautiful."

See the close-up detail inset below to fully understand the fine detail of this masterful work.

Please note the Pine Green mount board is not as quite dark as it appears in the frame image and the colour of the final print is closer to the detail sample from the picture inset below.

A beautifully framed reproduction set behind glass with a choice of a pale palm green or pine green suede inner surrounds with a choice of two fine antique style wooden frames; gold leaf or gold and mahogony finish. Prints are available in A3, A2 and A1 sizes with proportionately larger frames to suit all decor and wall space.

To see which one you prefer simply select the frame type choice below and it will appear in the larger picture above.

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