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An Saorstát - The Free State - Michael Collins Memorial (First Edition), Dublin, Tuesday, August 29, 1922, Page 8, (Limited Edition)

An Saorstát - The Free State - Michael Collins Memorial (First Edition), Dublin, Tuesday, August 29, 1922, Page 8, (Limited Edition)

An Saorstát - The Free State - Michael Collins Memorial Number, No. 28 Vol.2 (First Edition) Dublin Tuesday, August 29, 1922 Page 8. Limited Edition (250). This final page includes a simple but moving " An Appreciation" from Diarmuid Fawsett which describes how Collins always worked selflessly "for the needs of the common people". "Peace! No man in Ireland longed for peace more ardently than Michael Collins. He toiled mentally and physically, night and day to win peace and ordered conditions for Ireland."

"Micheal Ó Coileáin in London" by P. Brennan (Patrick) who was a Army leader who was interned after 1916 and a T.D. from Clare first elected in 1921 writes about Collins from when he first met him in London in 1908.. "He placed little value on talk. His force of character was even then very apparent, and his capacity for work and the ability displayed by him in all things struck one as extraordinary. Work, good work, not talk, was always his motto". He also talks about Collins involvement with the GAA (Geraldine Hurling and Football Club, West London), stating that "he represented it on the London county Board for some years. He did not care much for football but was a strenuous hurler. When London Irish won the HURLING Championship of Great Britain and Scotland in 1913, we played near each other on the left wing, and had many a wordy argument... But it was all mock serious. Outsiders took him to be rough and almost unapproachable. His comrades loved him... He was not a polished hurler- more like a Clare man than a Cork man - but whenever arose real necessity for a spurt on the side of his team, he became a kind of small cyclone which nothing could withstand. Somehow he used to manage to impart his wild dashing spirit to the remainder of the team, with the result that, often they converted almost certain defeats into sudden victory.... This was the real Collins. He possessed the quality of unconquerableness, and by his example, more than by exhortation, he got other men to rise out of themselves and to accomplish wonders. In necessity he was great."

This page includes 4 photos:



"CONGRATUALATING WINNERS", and a picture of the famous banner from 1922


Each of the pages from this fabulous 250 limited edition broadsheet is reproduced on 210 gsm Satin art paper, set behind glass, and tastefully framed on mottled green pine suede backing in a fine antique style Gold Leaf frame. This remarkable tribute is a beautiful collectors item for historians and admirers of Michael Collins.


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